Satellite Television

Vertical AVTV installs, owns and manages DIRECTV HD satellite television systems in commercial office buildings throughout the U.S. As an authorized commercial dealer for DIRECTV, we can provide programming, account activation and administration services with access to all DIRECTV programming.


Vertical AVTV's Fully Managed DIRECTV Satellite Television System

Connecting to our satellite system alleviates the need to install, maintain, and manage your own satellite television dish, cabling and distribution from the building roof to your space, thus reducing your ownership costs.

Customers connected to the system are protected under our Service / Maintenance Agreement.  As a result, we cover any service related to the system, including the dish, cabling, distribution equipment and DIRECTV receivers.

All service calls are directed to and handled by Vertical AVTV, your single point of contact. Our customer service representatives can troubleshoot with you on the phone and, if necessary, send out our qualified technicians to solve your problem. 

The agreement is in effect as long as the tenant is connected to the system. Pricing of the agreement is based on the number and type of satellite digital receivers connected to the system